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Conceptually, the competence of auditor is measured as a team. However, we are often required by our stakeholders to provide a wide range of services, with limited resources. Therefore, we are required to have a wide range of knowledge, including auditing, internal control, risk management, governance, accounting,  finance, tax, information technology, management, business, fraud, etc. 
Therefore, this blog try to share and discuss, in SIMPLE way, about knowledge and practices related to audit activities. I will post a new article every Sunday...., and please don't hesitate to share your opinion / comment. Let's discuss...


SMAN 3 Semarang, Tahun 1992 - 1994
D-III STAN Akuntansi, Tahun 1995 - 1998
D-IV STAN Akuntansi, Tahun 2000 - 2002
MAKSI FE UI Akuntansi, Tahun 2008 - 2010
Qualified Internal Auditor (QIA), YPIA, 2018
Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), IIA, September 2012
Certified Public Accountant (CPA), IAPI, November 2014
Chartered Accountant (CA), IAI, April 2014


Internal Auditor, PT Pelindo II, Agustus 2015 - Sekarang 
Pengajar Tidak Tetap Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Indonesia, 2014 - Sekarang
Pengajar Tidak Tetap Yayasan Pendidikan Internal Auditor, Desember 2013 - Sekarang
BPKP November 1998 - November 2014
Pengajar Tidak Tetap D-III STAN November 2011 - September 2012
Pengajar Tidak Tetap D-IV STAN Oktober 2013 - Februari 2014
Auditor Temporer KAP Syarief Basir dan Rekan, November 2008 - Oktober 2010


Business Process Management, Singapore, Desember 2013.
Quality Assurance and Improvement Program (QAIP), Ohio, USA, Desember 2012.
Internal Audit Capability Model (IA-CM), Ohio, USA, Desember 2012.

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